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The content of the abomasum is colored dark red. The mucous membrane of the abomasum and the anterior part of the small intestines is inflamed and covered with small hemorrhages, and in some places of the abomasum - bruises.


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Haemonchosis is a disease of sheep, rarely goats and cattle, which is caused by relatively large blood-sucking nematodes of the genus Haemonchus, which parasitize in the abomasum. The causative agents of hemonchosis. Haemonchus contortus - the most common species in domestic ruminants, H. longistipes was found in camels and sheep. More than 15 species from the genus Haemonchus have been described, which are observed especially rarely.


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The formation of the causative agent of hemonchosis proceeds according to buy escitalopram pills. In an egg in the external environment at temperatures not less than 5.5 ° C and not more than 35 ° C, a larva is formed, which immediately hatches from it, molts twice and at the best temperature indicators (17-20 ° C) after 6-8 days becomes invasive. These larvae are resistant to desiccation and freezing, can migrate up the grass and deep into the soil along the roots.

Animals become infected with hemonchosis on pastures by ingesting larvae with grass and water from shallow puddles and ditches. In the body of lexapro online, after 17-20 days, the nematodes become sexually mature. The dynamics of infection is related to the geographical area. Lambs and young animals over a year old often fall ill to the greatest extent at the end of the summer period and in the autumn period.

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During life, the infection of agricultural animals is measured by the method of obtaining nematode eggs and establishing them to the genus by larvae. After death, hemonchosis is determined based on the detection of a significant number of hemonchs in the abomasum.

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With an intense infection (up to 10-15 thousand pathogens), farm animals experience depression, loss of appetite, anemia, loose stools, and progressive exhaustion. Nilverm in the amount of 0.015 g/kg, phenothiazine in the amount of 0.5 g/kg, fenbendazole (panakur) in the amount of 0.015 g/kg for sheep.

Chemical prophylaxis is carried out by the method of feeding in the composition of one part of phenothiazine and 9 parts of feed salt during the pasture period, or in the composition of one weight part of copper sulfate, ten parts of phenothiazine and 100 parts of table salt (feed) during the pasture period.

Prevention and control measures. Preventive deworming is carried out within a reasonable time frame depending on the geographical area.

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With stall keeping (during fattening), the infection of sheep with hemonchs quickly decreases. Haemonchosis is a helminthiasis of cattle, sheep and other ruminants caused by nematodes of the genus Haemonchus. The infection causes great economic losses for farmers around the world. Humans, dogs, cats cannot become infected, as they are not suitable as hosts for the pathogen.